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    Ferrara Lobbies and Pools

    Our name was inspired from a small city in Italy called Ferrara where some of the world’s best designers were born. IPS Ferrara Importers, Inc., is an American company that is committed to offering Ferrara kitchens exclusively. IPS stands for Interior Professional Services and is the company that services the Ferrara brand of products.

    The quality and value of a Ferrara interior are second to none . When you invest in Ferrara you know the value of your home will increase greatly. There is a modern or traditional, prestigious or care-free style that will satisfy the most demanding individual.

    When it comes to new kitchen planning, construction, remodeling, and replacement equipment, FERRARA can manage the process from start to finish. Beginning with a concept and continuing through completion, we collaborate with our clients to see their vision realized.

    With our industry recognized purchasing strength, we provide the Project Management to allow our clients to focus on the big picture. Utilizing an international network of consolidating warehouses, we coordinate the delivery and will be on site to supervise the installation process.

    FERRARA have been designing luxury kitchens and supplying furniture to suit various living spaces with a flexible and open attitude towards kitchen and furniture design, function and the individual needs for each client.

    With backgrounds in kitchen cabinet and furniture making, manufacturing engineering and product design, the FERRARA team have a wide range of knowledge and understanding of what is required in designing and manufacturing high quality kitchens and furniture.

    Our strengths are that we work closely with each client, to develop an end result that is not only aesthetically pleasing and individual, but also totally functional.

    We are passionate about creating individual designs that work harmoniously within the space and function perfectly on a practical level. We constantly research and source new products and technology, to enable us to provide unique solutions and designs.