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    Elegance in style and quality on a true Italian kitchen for the discriminating individual that desires a summery glow and a light touch of tradition yet not very heavy in the way allowing the modern blend. Diamond is a master piece in kitchen designs that showcases the high quality of the owners tastes. Diamond encompasses all the modern mechanisms accessories hidden away.

    Ferrara is a brand highly respected for its high quality materials, high fashion design and superior craftsmanship. Ferrara kitchens and baths are manufactured in Italy by the ENNE factory. An installed kitchen bearing the Ferrara name means the builder considered elegance and value more than the initial purchase price of the kitchen. He wanted the best possible designer kitchens and vanities to complement the rest of the house. After all the price of a house depends on the name brand of kitchen cabinets, appliances, and bathroom fixtures.

    All the hardware and the handles of our kitchens are made by Hettich, a German manufacturer, AGB or Bloom.