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    Ferrara Coritec Countertops

    Ferrara Coritec countertops feature spectacular outstanding designs and colors that complement your beautiful Ferrara kitchen or bath. Coritec is a revolutionary material that is heat and scratch resistant. It is 100% non-porous material made by Samsung and fabricated in Europe.

    Most of the countertops are either granite or quartz that cannot be repaired if damaged and need to be replaced. Coritec countertops can be easily repaired on the spot and the fact that the material is non porous means that spills and splashes does not affect the color or the look of your countertop.

    Coritec can be molded in to designs only the imagination can limit. From kitchen, baths, reception, tables, waterfalls, stairs, wall decors, toilets, built-in sinks. Circular designs, oval and squared shapes and forms and all done in a modern computerized facility using the latest equipment and technology.

    Coritec was established in Europe 1993 and since completed hundreds of projects including multifamily homes, Commercial bank, Eurobank, Nova bank, Piraeus bank , cruise ships like Blue Star Lines, Hellas flying dolphins, Superfast ferries, Metropolitan Hospital, Holiday Inn, Hilton hotels, Intercontinental Hotel, Athens Airport, Macedonia Airport, Golden Hall Mall, Vodafone, McDonald’s, etc.